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Broken World Comics

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What We’re All About

Something for everyone

We founded Broken World Comics with one goal in mind: Create a online comic shop that offers something for everyone at a fair price. Here at Broken World Comics we offer a large choice of mainstream independent mature and hard to find comics. In short a little something for everyone.

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Always open

Outstanding Quality

Whether you’re a diehard collector or simply a fan of the art, Broken World Comics is an emporium of comics, new and vintage, from all your favourite superheroes, genres, and authors. I started off as a huge collector of comics for decades, and I have decided to turn my passion for comics into a family run business. It turns out I love selling comics nearly as much as I loved reading them! I cater to both the general public as well as comic and graphic novel enthusiasts who trade and buy comics for pleasure. Looking for that rare DC or Marvel number, or maybe you are tired of the same old heroes and villains and want to find some new editorials? Come and find out if I have it in stock, or get in touch online.

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